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Setup dynamic ip software for your cctv web server at your home

How to install Dynamic ip software to your cctv pc and make your cctv pc as a cctv web server. Follow the guideline below.

First u need to install dynamic ip software like no-ip, dyndns updater, and u can find dynamic ip software free over the internet.

For me, easy to use no-ip software because it's easy to setup and configure. Get Dynamic DNS for your domain , and download the software.

After software downloading finish, open ducsetup.exe from where u download folder.

Just click next and follow the instruction.

Once you finish the installation, one pop up windows come out, and need to key in email and password. How to get the email and password? U need to register with no-ip website first and please make sure using a valid email address.

After finish register with no-ip website, u need to create a host from website no-ip, log in with your email registration and click add host. Fill in host like : mijie, and select which one u one for the hosting, example

Normally u n…

CCTV surveillance equipment: camera lenses

As with regular cameras, the lenses on CCTV surveillance equipment determines how wide an image is created and how much light is let in. Lenses are generally sold separately from cameras. As with most CCTV surveillance equipment, lenses are fairly interchangeable between different brands and cameras, so you can usually reuses lenses from multiple sources. The lenses you purchase should match the format of your CCTV cameras, however: 1/4" lenses work best with 1/4" cameras. It is possible to use a larger format lens than the CCTV surveillance equipment calls for, but it is not recommended. You also need to decide what type of lens your CCTV surveillance equipment requires. Fixed focal length lenses offer only one set field of view and are the least costly. To change the resulting image, you need to switch lenses. Variable focal length lenses and zoom lenses offer greater flexibility, allowing you to adjust your image’s field of view when you set the CCTV surve…

CCTV Surveillance systems used as a crime fighting and prevention tool

CCTV surveillance systems play an important role in fighting and preventing local and international crime. These closed circuit television systems were in place in London before the July 7th bombings and this footage is being used to identify suspects and investigate the attacks.

Besides fighting terrorism, CCTV security systems installed in public places or retail markets can deter crime, provide the police with leads, help citizens feel safer, and improve the economy of a crime-stricken area. Most CCTV systems have now gone digital for improved performance, surveillance camera maneuverability, and quicker feedback as compared to analog systems.Implementing CCTV systems
Law enforcement or security professionals best support CCTV systems. These teams of professionals need to monitor the CCTV video evidence on a timely basis and they need to be properly trained in order to interpret suspicious behavior caught on the system. When all of these factors are in place, then the CCTV securit…

why we must install cctv security system

We should install close circuit television (CCTV) because cctv can protect your house or office from criminal. I'm not guarantee 100% u can protect your home from criminal but u can decrease the risk from criminal to enter your house.

When u install CCTV security system, CCTV can monitor your house every seconds, hour time, 365 day a years. So chance to criminal enter your house can be low risk. But, some people said, " i can't install CCTV because not enough money to do it, i have a lot thing to do with my money". You r wrong actually, why i said u are wrong, because for CCTV installation, below RM 1000, u can install CCTV, better than u lost your money because of criminal enter your house and thief everything from there. Which one u want??? lost a lot of money around RM2k-3k like your TV, laptop, anything in your house or just spend around below RM 1k to install CCTV security system...if i in this situation of course i choose to install CCTV better than i lost lot …

difference ccd camera and cmos camera

What are the difference between ccd camera and dome camera?
the difference is in the quality of the image sensor of both camera.
A CMOS camera has a less-expensive image sensor, means low quality picture. The other benefits of CMOS are size, and low-power consumption. Most CMOS cameras can even be operated for several hours on a single 9-volt battery! The low-power consumption comes at a price however. CMOS cameras have a lower resolution and less color quality than the CCD cameras.

CCD Cameras are much more sensitive to power fluctuations, due to the fact that the CCD Sensors have 4 integrated processors compared to the one processor found on a CMOS sensor. CCD cameras usually have much better picture quality, resolution and color balance. The drawback of a CCD camera is higher-power consumption and sensitivity to minute voltage changes

CCD cameras do not like direct sunlight. That can damage the image sensor.

CCD sensors have been in mass production for a long period of time and therefor…

cctv security system

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific, limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point wireless links. CCTV is often used for surveillance in areas which need security, such as banks and airports or military installations. In industrial plants, CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process that are remote from a control room, or where the environment is not comfortable for humans. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event.

A CCTV system may be installed where an operator of a machine cannot directly observe people who may be injured by unexpected machine operation. For example, on a subway train, CCTV cameras may allow the operator to confirm that people are clear of doors before closing them and starting the train. Operators of an amusement park ride may use a CCTV system to ob…

CCTV Dvr card or Standalone DVR

If u ask me, what i should choose between dvr card and standalone dvr, of course i choose dvr card. Because dvr card it's cheap and have a lot of feature better than standalone, the most important think is dvr card easy to manage.

Difference between dvr card and standalone dvr.

Dvr Card:
-lot of function.
-easy to install.
-can do a web remote monitoring.

Standalone dvr:
-less function.
-no Operating system, only have a firmware.
-can do web remote monitoring, but u need to buy a standalone dvr with LAN support.

For my opinion, if u wanna start do it yourself cctv, better u learn about dvr card and better buy a dvr card. Easy to install, support win98, win xp. And normally software come out with hardware, very user friendly. Easy to replace if dvr card faulty.

So choose for dvr card

INFRA RED Camera Review

Infrared camera it's like normal ccd camera, but infrared camera have a additional function, infrared camera have a night view, means if u put this camera in the dark area, this camera still can capture the image or video but not in the color mode, image output show the black n white output.

Infrared it's most important when u install the cctv security because for the night monitoring, infrared can be capture the image. Then it's can safe your house or anyplace u install the cctv

Below the example of infrared camera, enjoy your watching.

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CCD Camera Review

CCD camera for my opinion is better than Dome camera, because their image or video capture more sharpness and the quality. Pricing for ccd camera high than dome camera, but for the quality u can satisfied with this camera.

What dome camera don't have is ccd camera can use fix lens and u also using auto IRIS lens, ccd camera suitable for indoor and can use for outdoor using waterproof casing or normal casing. With fix lens, ccd camera have various type of lens size. Have a 8mm, 12mm, or 16mm, depend on the angles u want capture the image or video output. Means if the area it's wide u can change the fix lens to fit the area to cover.

With auto iris for ccd camera, lot of functions like u don't need to change the lens size because auto iris can adjust the angle and cover the area u want capture the image. And if u are using the auto iris, sharpness and quality of picture can be adjust. For my suggestion, normally ccd camera better using for outdoor because ccd camera got a lot …

CCTV Camera Review 1

Dome camera have a lot of type, like 1/3" or 1/4 " mean dome size. Dome camera have a various type like dome ccd camera, or CMOS camera. So what the different between CCD and CMOS, as i know CCD is double chip inside the dome and CMOS is single chip inside there. If u are using CMOS dome camera the picture quality it's not the best quality compare to the CCD dome camera, because CMOS using only one chip set.

For ccd dome camera normally have a two types. Sony chip set and sharp chip set. Sony chip set is better than sharp chip set, and than price for sony chip set high than sharp chip set, but for the cctv dome camera, i prefer to use a sony chip set because of the pictures quality and sharpness.

Next review- ccd camera

welcome to cctv security system guideline

I just want to share my experience 3 years working with cctv security system enviroment. Actually cctv security system it's not hard to learn and practice. I'm start from zero knowledge about cctv, First i join in cctv line, it's take around 2 week to learn about cctv.

Firstly i learn basic knowledge about cctv camera, how they function and also how to install the cctv camera. I start reading about type of cctv camera like dome camera, CCD camera, infrared camera, and got many type of cctv camera.

After i learn and know little bit about cctv camera, i'm start to learn about DVR card, standalone dvr. It's not just learn how they function, i do a setup dvr card to CCTV PC and everything about cctv, this blog i'm just create for share my knowledge about cctv, anyone want share with me, u r most welcome.