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how to choose cctv dvr system

in this article will discuss about the selection cctv dvr system.
among many users will be confused when the DVR system to choose the best and inexpensive, but most of them do not study in advance what dvr system was purchased with the appropriate state official to be installed?aspects that need to be viewed when selecting dvr system capabilities and functionality is available on the dvr. Choose the best dvr functions that we will only use or function will be used in the future

Difference between infrared cctv cctv cameras with CCD camera

Significant difference between CCTV cameras with infrared CCD camera is the infrared camera can be used in the dark even though there is no light and able to capture images and merakamkannya, while the CCD camera can only work in the light and not able to capture images and record video in in the dark.

So the advantage is using the infrared camera cctv camera of this type can be used in areas that do not have lights at night, working together in the dark and most of the CCTV systems are installed CCTV cameras will use infrared equipment as one of the most important in ensuring safety in the CCTV system

But the advantage is on the CCD camera cctv camera is capable of recording images or ni a clear and bright video and infrared cameras can not menyainginnya, besides CCD camera can be changed depending on the lens used when the owner uses the CCTV system

Conclusion is before installing a CCTV system to see if you lah criteria you want to use either area who want to install CCTV system is in…

How to improve home security

livelihood in secure neighborhood or safe city does not guarantee that your home is safe. Sure, the area approximately your home has a lot to do an among how safe or unsafe you are in general, but even the streets that seem like they are completely secure can be the site for criminal activity. As a result, as a parent who takes the safety and protection of your family acutely, there are a few things that you should consider doing in an effort to further safeguard the people and things that matter most.

present are a couple of reasons why having a home security system installed in your place of residence is helpful toward the overall safety and protection of your loved ones and most valued possessions. First, these home alarm systems work as a deterrent to anybody who is even considering making your home the target of his or her next heist. While criminals may come across as stupid, ignorant people, the truth of the matter is that many of the more successful criminals out there today ar…

How to get home security discount

Hi all,

this the way u want save your cost money to buy home security and u will get peace of mind. if u don't have a technical background, still u can get discount for install home security to your home.

first thing u should do, is u must read and know basic knowledge about home security like wireless camera cctv, dome cctv camera and all about cctv camera.

when u understand the basic of home security, u can buy the home security item like cctv camera then what u need is,just pay contractor to install the cabling and camera cctv location

that's u, u will save your money for home security

how to install cctv camera

see the video below, i grab from the youtube website, then u will knwo how to install cctv camera

credit to : How to install Box camera in camera housing

do it yourself cctv, and will save your money

How to Hack Wireless CCTV Kit! Put Your PC Game To Your 42" Plasma tv

How to Hack Wireless CCTV Kit! Put Your PC Game To Your 42" Pla - Funny videos are here

thanks you to :EKTWR

source from metacafe :

so now u can hack your pc using VHF wireless transmitter and connect to your cctv device and u can display your pc to the plasma tv or any tv types.

what u need it, just Video wireless transmitter, audio video cable and u must know a litle bit about technical job...that's'all..

so now u can use cctv video, cctv security for anything and depend on your creativeti.

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can alien capture by cctv ?

now u see the video and make your judgement, its true or not, for me, they has no cctv kamera can record and capture the alien image

thanks u

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cctv video can convert to play with dvd plaer

Now cctv security system video can convert the video file and burn it to dvd and play with dvd player, if u have a cctv security then u can convert it to play with dvd player.

so with using latest technology and software, the cctv file now can convert it dvd and play with dvd player for easy to watch and analyze to get the evidence or whatever

if u using cctv analog like old security system, u can still capture the video and save it to computer then convert to dvd. finally easy to play with dvd player.

dvd player, dvd player, dvd player, dvd player

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Future Fax using IP and Server

Nowdays with the faster technology growth into the market in any bussines types and sector, like cctv security system, fax server, web design and any other things will growth very fast.

A fax server is a software package running on a computer server that is equipped with one or more fax-capable modems (or dedicated fax boards) attached to telephone lines (or, more recently, software that uses modem emulators T.38 (Fax over IP) to transmit the signal over an IP network). Its function is to accept documents from users, convert them into faxes, and transmit and receive fax calls and store them, or documents or transmit them to users. May users communicate with the server in several ways, either through a local network or Internet. In a large organization with heavy fax traffic, the computer that hosts the fax server in May will be dedicated to this function, in this case, the computer itself May also be known as a fax server.

Fax Over IP

Stands for FoIP Fax over IP, and refers to the proces…

talk about cctv security system

hi all,
when we talk about cctv,security system and new technology for monitoring system, we can't deny the previous technology help to revolution for the new technology we have. right now, can see the market for the cctv grow very fast.

no idea...................

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