Saturday, October 24, 2009

Difference between infrared cctv cctv cameras with CCD camera

Significant difference between CCTV cameras with infrared CCD camera is the infrared camera can be used in the dark even though there is no light and able to capture images and merakamkannya, while the CCD camera can only work in the light and not able to capture images and record video in in the dark.

So the advantage is using the infrared camera cctv camera of this type can be used in areas that do not have lights at night, working together in the dark and most of the CCTV systems are installed CCTV cameras will use infrared equipment as one of the most important in ensuring safety in the CCTV system

But the advantage is on the CCD camera cctv camera is capable of recording images or ni a clear and bright video and infrared cameras can not menyainginnya, besides CCD camera can be changed depending on the lens used when the owner uses the CCTV system

Conclusion is before installing a CCTV system to see if you lah criteria you want to use either area who want to install CCTV system is in the areas of darkness in the evening or at night lighting available in the area. Analysis should be made to ensure that the CCTV system installed does not want to be a waste and does not work with optimun

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