Live Broadcasting Awarness

With the creation of biometric technology that has grown to be one factor to growth in other areas such as broadcasting live sporting events and so forth. There is no denying the huge contribution in the field of access control that makes the information can be shown like Sugar Bowl directly.

CCTV plays an important role in the field Alamodome of sports and live broadcasting after a man invented fingerprint technology to facilitate the community to benefit from it. Through this access control can be broadcast directly from the home without having to go to places where these events take place

very impressed with the sophistication that is designed to provide benefits to society in general for Beaver Stadium. However, if it is misused and the purpose is solely to create profit and loss it has negative effects on society

So we assume Alumni Stadium has no matter where the development of sophisticated technologies available in , but if it is used for purely commercial purposes then it will give a very bad impression

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