Monday, July 9, 2007

CCD Camera Review

CCD camera for my opinion is better than Dome camera, because their image or video capture more sharpness and the quality. Pricing for ccd camera high than dome camera, but for the quality u can satisfied with this camera.

What dome camera don't have is ccd camera can use fix lens and u also using auto IRIS lens, ccd camera suitable for indoor and can use for outdoor using waterproof casing or normal casing. With fix lens, ccd camera have various type of lens size. Have a 8mm, 12mm, or 16mm, depend on the angles u want capture the image or video output. Means if the area it's wide u can change the fix lens to fit the area to cover.

With auto iris for ccd camera, lot of functions like u don't need to change the lens size because auto iris can adjust the angle and cover the area u want capture the image. And if u are using the auto iris, sharpness and quality of picture can be adjust. For my suggestion, normally ccd camera better using for outdoor because ccd camera got a lot of function for CCTV security.

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