Alternative for cctv home security

For those target to install only one pieces of cctv home security system, why not just a try cctv product from xiaomi 360 home security. This cctv home security camera came with wifi and easy to install. Just need a memory card to slot in into camera and plugin micro usb cable and connected to your wifi home to used it

When connected to wifi u can install apps at your phone and control the cctv home security with a feature such as motion recording, schedule recording, control PAN Tilt Camera, save recording video and also can use as a voice talk

With this feature and price also can afford less than 70 USD and with basic IT knowledge can be done for setup, can monitor using a phone remotely. With that price this cctv home security camera can be alternative for cctv security camera. Without buying cctv dvr because this cctv camera have all the function

With clear video and also have a infra red video for night recording. Recommended if u are looking for only one cctv for certain area that u want to focus

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