Saturday, July 7, 2007

welcome to cctv security system guideline

I just want to share my experience 3 years working with cctv security system enviroment. Actually cctv security system it's not hard to learn and practice. I'm start from zero knowledge about cctv, First i join in cctv line, it's take around 2 week to learn about cctv.

Firstly i learn basic knowledge about cctv camera, how they function and also how to install the cctv camera. I start reading about type of cctv camera like dome camera, CCD camera, infrared camera, and got many type of cctv camera.

After i learn and know little bit about cctv camera, i'm start to learn about DVR card, standalone dvr. It's not just learn how they function, i do a setup dvr card to CCTV PC and everything about cctv, this blog i'm just create for share my knowledge about cctv, anyone want share with me, u r most welcome.

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