Monday, July 16, 2007

why we must install cctv security system

We should install close circuit television (CCTV) because cctv can protect your house or office from criminal. I'm not guarantee 100% u can protect your home from criminal but u can decrease the risk from criminal to enter your house.

When u install CCTV security system, CCTV can monitor your house every seconds, hour time, 365 day a years. So chance to criminal enter your house can be low risk. But, some people said, " i can't install CCTV because not enough money to do it, i have a lot thing to do with my money". You r wrong actually, why i said u are wrong, because for CCTV installation, below RM 1000, u can install CCTV, better than u lost your money because of criminal enter your house and thief everything from there. Which one u want??? lost a lot of money around RM2k-3k like your TV, laptop, anything in your house or just spend around below RM 1k to install CCTV security system...if i in this situation of course i choose to install CCTV better than i lost lot of money.

One issues is, " i do know how to install CCTV " , because i don't want to take a risk from contractor cheat me to install CCTV. Hello!!... u can learn what?? learn about CCTV basic, just read and learn a little bit about CCTV, than after that u can install CCTV by yourself, Still don't want??? just ignore and wait for criminal enter to your house.....Thats all.

"Spend ten minutes or half hour one week to learn about CCTV, then install CCTV by yourself, better than you spend a lot of time to surfing the internet and finally u wasting your time and get nothing to protect your house"

Think smart and work SMART.

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