Sunday, August 26, 2007

Security camera system - customer leader

Although the application of the CCTV security changed not very much surplus the last years, the tools and the equipment have substantially. Monitoring cameras became smaller better, more inexpensive and, but the main break-through happened in the photograph equipment. Therefore many customers, who buy noting systems for complete CCTV , are confused by such a Verity of the existing products. A goal of this article is to lead customers toward to the optimum and most economic kind of the CCTV equipment be based on intended implementation and requirements. Preselect the right monitoring cameras. It is practically impossible to describe all kinds existing CCTV cameras in this short article. We address our attention on the most popular and to most most used kinds of camera instead of. CCTV security cameras produce pictures with CMOS or CCD (loading pair device) splinters. Cameras of the small, very low price CCTV normally use CMOS technology, produce pictures of the low quality and have very bad bright sensitivity. Acceptable quality CCTV cameras uses CCD technology. The size of the CCD of splinter is normally 1/4 “, 1/3” or 1/2 “. As rule of thumb that more largely the size of, that more highly the quality of the picture produces and that more highly the price. However higher density 1/4” and the 1/3 “CCD of splinters than a good picture can produce now there many 1/3” or 1/2 “splinters. The number television set lines in security the camera picture is a measure of illustration dissolution (sharpness). That more largely the number television set lines, that better the dissolution and therefore, entire illustration quality.

Dissolution of standard camera knows 350-380 lines, over 400 television set lines has is considered generally as good dissolution, while over 500 television set lines applies as high resolution. B/W splinter cameras produce larger dissolution and improve bright sensitivity, therefore usable for use within the dark ranges, bright within which conditions at most of the time are bad. On the one hand color cameras offer more realistic and more natural illustration. CCTV cameras are normally divided into the different kinds, which are based on the body of the used camera. Professional degree cameras. Have boxlike body with the ability to use different kinds and size of the objectives. Exchangeable objectives make possible for this camera to supervise articles from practically each possible distance to. Although for interior use, they can for in the free one are used, if they are combined with weatherproof housing. It regarded, the most flexible and at most to be used of the specialists for commercial installations. Rifle bullet cameras. Rifle bullet cameras are, since the name contained internal rifle bullet suggest formed housing. Most rifle bullet cameras are weatherproof and without the ability to use different objectives sealed. Large advantage of the rifle bullet camera is the small and integrated Design, some rifle bullet cameras has even infrared LED future Built in. Infrared technology is simply LED light in the Infrarotspektrum (not visible to the human eye). This light exposes the view range and forms the possible monitoring in the complete density. This is large future, but it functions only up to certain distance (normally ft between 10 and 50. dependent on model) simple changes to attach and estheticly sketched, is rifle bullet cameras large choice for lives and DO-it-yourselfinstallationen in those, supervising articles, is within approximately 25ft of the camera position (with objective of the standard 3.6mm). Board cameras. Board cameras are the generally locally specified objective, which is attached at a printed circuit board. These cameras can in a small case (mini cameras) or hood (mini hood) or simply sold not packed, for which attachment by the buyer are packed. Objective ones in these cameras are either of a normal industrial screen opening or of one „splint pin hole “objective of the very small Blenden√∂ffnung. Splint pin hole objective cameras are called frequently „feeler gauge “cameras and can be attached into a hidden way for the hidden monitoring purposes. The most popular examples of the hidden board cameras are smoke detector and movement detector cameras. Since the objectives are in the board cameras pre mounted, a locally specified screen have and normally from a short fokalen length (i.e. wide angles) are, its flexibility of the usableness is limited. However this kind of the camera can make a solution available of the low costs in the right situation, particularly in a family environment. We described, now most popular kinds cameras briefly Discus, how leave and where they are used Scherflein. Professional kind cameras with C/CS verge objective accessories generally best achievement and much important future, like objective expensive exit, are back bright reconciliation and much offer more¦ to distance from the monitoring of the article to the camera not an expenditure, which why ability, different objectives to be preselected is, on camera position are based so importantly. Installation is the bitten difficult and professional strongly recommended installation. We recommend this kind of security cameras for commercial installations. Most rifle bullet cameras in the comparison, offer not high dissolution and objective allotter flexibility, but are probable to be weatherproof have some bright width units of building of infrared Inge and very most are relatively simple them to introduce. Rifle bullet cameras come normally with 3.6mm, objective, those witch to be regarded, for most standard installations to be usable (well for the coverage small to medium size the area or that equivalent). For larger areas or longer distances cameras with 6mm or higher objective can be required.


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