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how to install cctv camera

see the video below, i grab from the youtube website, then u will knwo how to install cctv camera

credit to : How to install Box camera in camera housing

do it yourself cctv, and will save your money

How to Hack Wireless CCTV Kit! Put Your PC Game To Your 42" Plasma tv

How to Hack Wireless CCTV Kit! Put Your PC Game To Your 42" Pla - Funny videos are here

thanks you to :EKTWR

source from metacafe :

so now u can hack your pc using VHF wireless transmitter and connect to your cctv device and u can display your pc to the plasma tv or any tv types.

what u need it, just Video wireless transmitter, audio video cable and u must know a litle bit about technical job...that's'all..

so now u can use cctv video, cctv security for anything and depend on your creativeti.

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