Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wireless Home Security

Have u think about wireless cctv home security? that they choice if u think u want to make a messy with the cabling all around in your house...u still need a cctv security but in between that, dont' want your house look like messy with all cctv cable around your house

Wireless cctv it the best choice u should consider because of they are cable less, so just mounted on the place wherever u want to put and then just need to correct setting for transmitter and receiver for capture the video and audio signal.

But if u look for budget on your home security, this wireless cctv camera it's not a best choice because of pricing it's high than wired cctv camera because u need to routine mantainance like replace the battery at least 6 month for one time.

So wireless cctv have a pro and cont...the choice it's yours

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