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RG59 Coaxial Cable for CCTV Installations

When installing security cameras there are 2 main options when it comes to a CCTV cable. A CCTV cable is basically an RG59 coaxial cable that is used to transmit a video signal between your security camera and the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The RG59 is attached to both the security camera and DVR via a male BNC connector. The female BNC connection on the back of the DVR and security camera allows for these components to attach. The BNC connection creates a locking mechanism that creates a long lasting solid connection. Your 2 main options entail using a single RG59 coaxial cable as your single CCTV cable or you can choose to use a Siamese CCTV cable that includes an RG59 coaxial cable and a power cable connected together to make one easy to pull cable. Usually the power cable that is attached to the RG59 is an 18 gauge 2 conductor cable. The 18/2 cable will be used to attach to your camera and then to a power source on the other end. The 18/2 cable is the perfect solution f…