Thursday, February 17, 2011

RG59 Coaxial Cable for CCTV Installations

When installing security cameras there are 2 main options when it comes to a CCTV cable. A CCTV cable is basically an RG59 coaxial cable that is used to transmit a video signal between your security camera and the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The RG59 is attached to both the security camera and DVR via a male BNC connector. The female BNC connection on the back of the DVR and security camera allows for these components to attach. The BNC connection creates a locking mechanism that creates a long lasting solid connection. Your 2 main options entail using a single RG59 coaxial cable as your single CCTV cable or you can choose to use a Siamese CCTV cable that includes an RG59 coaxial cable and a power cable connected together to make one easy to pull cable. Usually the power cable that is attached to the RG59 is an 18 gauge 2 conductor cable. The 18/2 cable will be used to attach to your camera and then to a power source on the other end. The 18/2 cable is the perfect solution for carrying a power signal to and from your your security cameras.

• Using a single coaxial cable for security camera installations:

Often when installing security cameras the installer may choose to use a single RG59/U coaxial cable and a separate power cable instead of a Siamese CCTV cable because they are positioning the power source for the cameras in a different location then the location of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). This may include putting each cameras power supply source near the camera location to solve power distance issues or for locating the entire power supply in an entire different location that is more suitable for the installation at hand. In this case it does not make sense to use a Siamese CCTV cable because it has the power cable and the RG59 coaxial cable attached together. Some people also just like using the individual RG59 cable solution because it is a personal preference.

• Using a Siamese CCTV cable for security camera installations:

Using a Siamese CCTV cable is the most common method used today when installing security cameras. Having both your power and RG59 coaxial cable bundled together allows for a much cleaner and faster installation. Using a Siamese cable allows for much easier cable pulls which cuts down labor hours and in the end saves cost. Siamese CCTV cable is available in 2 forms, one being a banana peel type and the other being both the RG59 and the 18-2 in individual jackets with then another overall jacket. The overall jacket makes the Siamese cable look like a singe cable. The Siamese cable bought in bulk usually comes packaged in 500 foot boxes or 1000 foot spools. The 1000 foot put ups are usually shipped on spools because the heavy weight often damages the box.

Before choosing the CCTV cable for your application put some thought into the location of your power supply and your video recording device to determine if using a Siamese CCTV cable type or individual cables (separate RG59 and 18/2) best suit your installation. If all your equipment is in one central location then using a Siamese CCTV cable may provide you with the most professional and cleanest installation. We hope your surveillance system installation is a complete success! Good Luck!

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