Tuesday, September 27, 2016

3 easy way to install cctv security camera at your home

CCTV security camera now day become a most important equipment for houses especially when some area has become high for crime cases. Most of house owner worried to install cctv security camera because of "hear say" price for installation very high.

Here 5 tips easy way to install cctv security camera at your home by do it yourself

Tips  1: Identify your house design and plan
image source : http://evstudio.com
For first step u need to identify where the best location to install cctv camera and also after u make an assessment u will get a how many cctv camera need to install. Some tips when u identify of your house design, u need to imagine that cctv camera view has 180 degree view and find the best and logic place to install.

Let make a simple calculation

Normally for 40 ' x 80 ' square feet house need minimum 4 cctv camera, 1 is for front of house, back of house 1 camera and kitchen 1 camera and hall 1 camera.

Tips 2 : Make a survey online for cctv camera and also recording equipment

Before make  a survey u should make a decision what type of cctv camera do u need and what type of recording system. Then after that buy from online or your nearest cctv shop. Normally for indoor camera, choose a doom type, for external or outside from your house, u can choose either waterproof camera or infrared camera.

Tips 3: Install cctv camera by your own

U can watch it from youtube there are many video will teach u how to install cctv camera. Dont think about i'm not a technical person and able to do it by yourself.  

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