Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Can Smartphone view cctv camera at your home?


There's a lot of third party software from Android platform or IOS platform provide apps that u can use to view cctv camera from your house, but before u can view your cctv camera u have to make sure your internet service provider are allow to do a port forwarding or virtual server.

Your CCTV Camera server or DVR Recording must have a network with your router and u need to identified local ip address and allow it to do port forwarding, meaning to say, from outside (Wide Area Network) like from your smartphone then access to the your local home network thru either static ip address or dynamic ip address then thru your router and gain access your cctv recording to capture or stream cctv camera from your home to smartphone

So, here the list u need to check :-

1. Internet Services Provide allow you to do a port forwarding
2. U have apps from your DVR CCTV Recorder or DVR Server
3. Basic knowlodge about ip address and networking but u can learn from youtube

That alls

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