CCTV Dvr card or Standalone DVR

If u ask me, what i should choose between dvr card and standalone dvr, of course i choose dvr card. Because dvr card it's cheap and have a lot of feature better than standalone, the most important think is dvr card easy to manage.

Difference between dvr card and standalone dvr.

Dvr Card:
-lot of function.
-easy to install.
-can do a web remote monitoring.

Standalone dvr:
-less function.
-no Operating system, only have a firmware.
-can do web remote monitoring, but u need to buy a standalone dvr with LAN support.

For my opinion, if u wanna start do it yourself cctv, better u learn about dvr card and better buy a dvr card. Easy to install, support win98, win xp. And normally software come out with hardware, very user friendly. Easy to replace if dvr card faulty.

So choose for dvr card

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